Prasine Systems and Solutions LLP is a Venture in Green Energy and its Allied Business Solutions and Service.

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Under our solar business vertical, we provide end-to-end solutions in Industrial, Residential and Commercial Solar PV rooftop and ground mounted projects. We have a strong collective team expertise and experience of multiple MW of solar PV projects, senior level management and strategic investment & finance. 

Ensuring key partnerships with carefully evaluated partners, experts and consultants, we have built up a capability for ensuring honest and transparent value addition for clients which is our top priority. This value addition is through optimum design and generation, quality of solar installation and components, achieving schedules and optimum cost.

Reduction in Energy Bills

Reduction in energy bills (up to 100%) due to generated solar energy resulting in substantial savings.

Additional Financial Benefits

Tax savings through the benefit of accelerated depreciation and government subsidy (based on type of consumer and applicable government policies).

Long System Life

With the PV panel life of 25 years, you get a long period of savings without any other worries.

Low Maintenance

Negligible system maintenance requirement and cost, meaning no hassles.

Green Initiative and Green Productivity

Solar PV gives you an opportunity to establish green productivity in your facility, to be a part of the green initiative and work towards a sustainable future.

Biodegradable Plastic

Under biodegradable plastics, we offer –

All types of packaging solutions for Industrial and Retail Packaging.

100% percent biodegradable plastic with all the necessary properties matching conventional plastic.

A controllable range of 180 days to 1.5-year of degradation time as per need.

Current capacity of 35 tons per month

Offerings –

Shrink and Stretch Films, Sheets and Bags.

Advantages of Biodegradable Plastic -
  • Completely ecofriendly
  • Cost competitive because of permissible lower thickness as compared to conventional plastics
  • Suitable for most of industrial and retail packaging needs.
  • Matching necessary properties match with those of conventional plastics.
  • Helps meet evolving compliance needs.

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SustainX is a  holistic offering under sustainability services for Industrial and Real Estate Sectors. Offerings –

Sustainability Audits

Consulting – Green Buildings, Industry 4.0, Sustainable Operations

Solar PV and Micro-Wind Hybrid Solutions

Waste Water and Organic Waste Management

Waste Water and Organic Waste Management

Rainwater Harvesting and Borewell Recharge Solutions

Firefighting Equipment Solutions

Equipment Monitoring Solutions for Productivity in Industries

Data Analytics Solutions including dashboards for informed decision making.

SustainX Advantage –

Single-Window complete Sustainability Solutions

Offerings for Industries and Real Estate sectors.

Highly experienced team and partners to offer holistic solutions

Solar PV

Under our Solar PV Vertical, we offer –

Rooftop and Ground Mounted PV Solutions for Industrial, Residential and Commercial Establishments.

Current capabilities to execute projects up to 15 MW.

Multiple projects from 3kW – 1MW

Solar Park vertical under establishment with a 5MW park under planning.

Advantages of Solar PV –

  • Reduction in energy costs
  • Good Payback
  • Benefits of tax saving through depreciation if applicable.
  • Long system life of 25 years
  • Low Maintenance
  • Green Energy